Iron Pigs

Iron Pigs aka little blocks of cakey-coconuty-chocolatey goodness.

I was introduced to these while working in Cradock…..

For that I blame only one person, and she knows who she is.

Sponge Cake

Beat until fluffy:
    12 eggs
    375g castor sugar
Mix in
    125ml water
    15ml vanilla essence
Sift together twice then fold in
    420g flour
    30ml baking powder

Pour into 2 prepped 25cm springform pans
Bake at 170C for 16 – 20 minutes
Allow to cool, cut into 2cmx4cm blocks

    250ml water
    45ml cocoa
   15ml butter
   500ml sugar

Boil together over low heat until sugar is dissolved.
allow to cool to blood warm

Roll cake square in syrup to coat the sides
Then roll in dessicated coconut to cover
Serve as a anytime treat.
But they taste especially good served with cooldrink on the side of a river with good company

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