Caramel Carrot Cake

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Caramel Carrot Cake:

12 eggs, seperated

960g Sugar

2.5 L grated carrot

400g coarsley chopped pecan nuts

1.120kg cake flour

10 ml salt

30 ml ground cinnamon

30 ml baking powder

20 ml bicarb of soda

800ml oil

500ml water

20ml vanilla essence

Beat egg whites and sugar to form a meringue

Mix ingredients 3 to 9 till evenly blended

Add egg yolks and remaining ingredients

Fold in meringue mixture spoon into 4 prepared spring form pans

Bake at 180C for 60 minutes or until tester comes out clean

Allow to cool and ice with:

3 tins caramel

1kg cream cheese

that have been blended together until smooth.

Store in fridge.

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