Tomato Relish

A really simple cooked relish that used to be commonplace but now is hard to find for some reason.

I blame the delightful yummy mummy in East London for making me find it in my notebooks and make it at work.

Tomato Relish
500g brown sugar
12 large tomatoes, chopped into 8mm cubes
4 onions, chopped fine
handful coarse salt
25ml mustard powder
15ml curry powder
5 chillies
500ml vinegar
15ml cake flour

Add salt to tomatoes and onions
Let stand 12 hours
Boil for 5 min with the vinegar
Mix remaining ingresdients
Add to main mixture
Boil for a hour stirring constantly
Bottle when cold,
Mature for 1 day

Tastes good on meaty things like boerie rolls, grilled chicken etc




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