Steamed Buns

This is a staple to have in our freezers at work. It makes a great
impromptu lunch dish once defrosted and filled with whatever is on hand.
We normally use a protien and then pickled vegetables in the filling.

Steamed Folded Buns
makes about 100

  • 8x10g dry yeast
  • 1.5l lukewarm milk
  • 2.4kg white bread flour
  • 360ml sugar
  • 60ml salt
  • 10ml baking powder
  • 10ml bicarb
  • 320ml fat / oil (pork fat is awesome, holsum a good vegetarian choice, oil is a acceptable substitute)

Combine everything
Knead to a smooth silky dough (5+ plus on #2 in a floorstanding mixer
fitted with a dough hook)
Prove until doubled
Punch down
Scale into 25g balls
Prove 30 minutes
Roll into a 10cm oval
Fold in half lengthwise
Rest 25-30 minutes
Steam at 90C for 15 minutes (This is for a industrial steam oven, if you
are using a steaming basket, just go until it cooked)

oO freeze: Cool completely & freeze between sheets of greaseproof
To Reheat: steam for 3-4 minutes from frozen until puffy, soft and
warmed through


buns -neatly serried ranks

Eatly serried ranks of buns in potentia


buns proving before shaping


Obligatory arty low angle shot.

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