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I’m back…

After a busy Season at the hotel, and a much deserved break where I learnt to scubadive in Umkomaas, I’m… Continue reading »

The Clown

I was busy sorting through the mess on my desk, and came across this scribbled on a piece of paper,… Continue reading »


Isn’t it amazing how a person’s perspective changes over time? Two or three years ago I was vehemently opposed and… Continue reading »


On Monday the 26th October 2009, just after five in the evening, the world became a  slightly smaller darker place… Continue reading »

Friends And Holes

This was emailed to me and I thought it was well worth sharing. Kitchendog This guy’s walking down the street… Continue reading »

We all going on a winter holiday…

Exactly that, I’m off on my twelve days bimonthly leave and am heading to slummies, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Wilderness.Its… Continue reading »


I didn’t write this, but found it on one of my webtrawls and thought it would be worth sharing. Kitchendog… Continue reading »

One Door Closes…..

As of the tenth of February 2009, Ernst’s Chalet Suisse & The Quarterdeck have been closed,due to the lack of… Continue reading »

Kitchen Lingo Part One

GBD- Golden brown and delicious Pre fab- crap that chefs buy in that they should be making/prepping themselves. Henry Ford-… Continue reading »

More Milligan

Me– Spike MilliganBorn screaming small into this worldLiving I amOccupational therapy twixt birth and deathWhat was I before?What will I… Continue reading »