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Magwa Scenery

Angel Falls from the top. The pool is great for swimming in   Panoramic View of Angel Falls and surrounds… Continue reading »

Banana Yellow Hammock

Testing a larger hammock design in hot yellow  


This was found almost 12 kilometers straight off our beach in the Transkei.It is called a drumline, and is used… Continue reading »

Pics from SEAL 2 on the 9th

Tiger 1 on the beach, and one of the SEAL boats coming in. Whale watching off SEAL 2 Dolphins The… Continue reading »

Fish that was delivered to work

A whole cob that was brought in to work from one of our fish suppliers Before I started 30 minutes… Continue reading »

Whole Roast Fillet

 For about 8 hungry people Needed: 1 whole filletSalt & pepperOil The How: Rub fillet with oil, and season with… Continue reading »

Hang Out Hammock Chairs

I’m currently Making and selling these chairs.All line has a 500kg breaking strain, the seat is canvas, and the poles… Continue reading »

Hand versus 220C oven

Hehehe, we have touchdown in the middle of lunch service. 

Stone Angel

 This is somewhere in the graveyard by the cricket grounds.I can’t remember the exact spot.

Farmhouse at sunset

Way too many weeks ago i had the opportunity to stay on this farm on the East Coast Resortsroad, where they… Continue reading »