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Hummus for Dummies

Hummus for Dummies (or the way that I’ve taught my minions to make it,  and if they can get it… Continue reading »

Goulash Soup

This is a old favourite from the Movenpik in East London. I was fortunate enough to work  for Mr Stiedl… Continue reading »

Vegetable Summer Rolls

This is based on another of Paul Gayler’s recipes. With all the hot muggy weather we’ve had here on the… Continue reading »

For Herr Schmidt

On Sunday it was quiet here at the hotel, and I was in the mood to experiment. These were the… Continue reading »

If Cooked Is Good, Barely Cooked Is Better

I know I haven’t been posting for a while, life was just getting to much and kept interfering with my… Continue reading »

Its raw but you can eat it

Just a quick recipe on a topic close to my heart, RAW MEAT. This is for my favourite actress down… Continue reading »