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Ernst’s Chalet Suisse Garlic Butter

This is the general purpose garlic butter I learnt to make at the Chalet Suisse in East London. It was… Continue reading »

Tomato Relish

A really simple cooked relish that used to be commonplace but now is hard to find for some reason. I… Continue reading »

Lemongrass & Ginger Jelly

I made this at work this past weekend. Fortunately I’m lucky enough to have my own big lemongrass plant and… Continue reading »

Thai-style Sweet Chilli Sauce

This is yet another variant of chilli sauce that I make at work.The irony is I make the sauces, but… Continue reading »

Carrot Pickle

This is a pickle that we make at work, and use it as a accompiament to cold meats as well… Continue reading »

Methi Masala Hotsauce

Just a quickie recipe that was made at work this week… Soak until soft:   500ml tamarind   750ml hot water… Continue reading »

Almost Instant Mango Atchar

I made this yesterday as a experiment, and it was good Now it will be interesting to see how the… Continue reading »

Ginger-Soy-Sesame Dipping Sauce

This is a favourite sauce of mine, used on far to many things that I eat. It’s based very roughly… Continue reading »

Screaming Hot Pepper Vinegar

Screaming Hot Pepper Vinegar This came about from having: 1) A glut of fresh chillies in the garden (I think… Continue reading »

Lemon Curd (or what to do with leftover egg yolks)

Lemon Curd     The motivation:        So after making the peanut butter icecream, i had a whole wackload of… Continue reading »