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Warm Chocolate Pudding

Warm Chocolate PuddingYes its gooey, chocolatey & comforting, just what I want on a day like today Recipe Name: Warm… Continue reading »

Banana Muffins

Just another recipe from the files at work, really simple and prettytasty. Kitchendog Recipe Name: Banana Muffins     Yield… Continue reading »

Spritz Biscuits

I have no idea how these got their name, but I do know that they are easy to make, and… Continue reading »

Easy Bread Recipe

(or how we make our own.) What’s Kneaded (sorry couldnt help myself):4kg white bread flour1/2 handful salt1/2 handful sugar50g dry… Continue reading »


This was found almost 12 kilometers straight off our beach in the Transkei.It is called a drumline, and is used… Continue reading »

Pics from SEAL 2 on the 9th

Tiger 1 on the beach, and one of the SEAL boats coming in. Whale watching off SEAL 2 Dolphins The… Continue reading »

Cinnamon Buns

Here’s another one of my work recipes that I serve pretty often on the breakfast buffet.  Although the way we… Continue reading »

Cinnamon Bites

This is from one of my mom’s Jewish cookbooks, and has become a firmfavourite among the staff at work. Sorry… Continue reading »


I didn’t write this, but found it on one of my webtrawls and thought it would be worth sharing. Kitchendog… Continue reading »