Monthly Archives: January 2008

Two Photos

The Ann Bryant Gallery vviewed through a hole in a badly weathered door. A closeup view of my camera bag…. Continue reading »

The End of Babe

The piglet got deliverd a while ago.Hanging in the cold room prior to fabrication. On either side are whole double… Continue reading »

Quiet Days

It’s kinda strange, the quiet days that come after the holiday season.During season you get so used to always being… Continue reading »

Pickle Me Pink

Vinegar Pickled Red Cabbage The Background:    Based very loosely on a recipe from a magazine. The What:    1 red cabbage    1/2 cup coarse… Continue reading »

Skunking Chilli Sauce

Roasted Melange of Hot Peppers  Not really a recipe, more a method    My Boet (aka Skunk) was busy looking for… Continue reading »

Kudu Estates landscapes

 Just a couple shots from my holiday down in AlicedaleCape clawless otter playing in one of the dams.I sat and… Continue reading »

The great BM 530

No comment needed i think. Kitchendog

Leave Time

Leave Time Everybody goes on leave and heads to the coast, meI do things differently. For me it’s a tiny… Continue reading »