Monthly Archives: December 2007

Saturday Mornings

Most days find me done on the rocks on the Slummies’ Esplanade at about seven or so, when most sane… Continue reading »

368 Shortbread

368 Shortbread This has got be one of the easiest biscuits I’ve made so far. It’s also darn good, and multiplies… Continue reading »

Staff fun and games

“hey chef, can i have saturday night off, got a wedding i need to go to”“sure, BUT, you gonna need… Continue reading »

Blood Sausage & Potatoes

  Needed stuff: 1 onion, sliced10 or so baby potatoes, boiled and halved1 cooking apple, peeled and cut into wedges20… Continue reading »

VIKINGS, part 1

Are VIKINGS better than us? No fuck Knuckles they not. making a restaurant stayopen for them for almost two hours… Continue reading »

Logo For The Back Of My Jacket


Friday Night during the rush

Arm versus deepfryer basket

Caraway Roasted Pork Neck

This started off as a simpledish, but this has a lot moreflavour due to the brining. Caraway Roasted Pork Neck   … Continue reading »

Two Dockets from last night

One Parties Starter docket   What was ordered was kabeljou cajun, we don’t even stock caviar